Shopping in Guadalajara

In the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara there are different shopping places to go shopping, have a good time and eat if you wish, then we will mention some of them.

Andares mall

It is one of the mall where there is fun for the whole family, they have cultural events, and different activities for the little ones of the family; They have playgrounds, a fountain and even an area with a campfire and if you are looking for where eat at the Andares mall, there are different options such as the Paseo Restaurants on the side of the square where you can find Japanese, Italian or seafood. The food court where there is all kinds of food according to your whim.

Galerías mall

Galerias mall has more than 220 stores where you will find all kinds of articles; clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, cosmetics, books, toys etc. They also have different restaurants such as: Comicx, Applebee’s, Outback, Mc Donald’s, Italiannis, The Cheesecake factory among others, and if you’re looking for family fun, visit Happy land or if you feel like watching a film go to cinepolis. The new attraction of Patria mall is the recently opened KidZania, an interactive city for children where, in addition to learning, they will have fun. As you can tell, Guadalajara has several shopping malls for your convenience and choose the one that best suits your needs, in addition to the aforementioned you can visit, the big fashion mall, plaza del sol, Midtown , landmark etc..

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